Management of real estate in Ticino

Real estate Sales manager giving keys and house model to custome

Feel ticino feel home with you

Do you own a second home in Ticino, and have you realized that the upkeep costs are weighing too heavily on the household budget?
Do you own an apartment that is unused for most of the year and want to make a profit by renting it out for short periods?
Feel Ticino Feel Home offers you interesting solutions for renting apartments for short periods, offering a number of absolutely advantageous services.


Are you looking for your property maintenance solution? Our experts take care of your building. Thanks to our team of experts, we will quickly reach you on site and carry out all the work inherent in the property. With maximum flexibility, we also offer housekeeping services during absences up to full service as well as picket duty.

The worker is connecting the glass walls of the shower enclosure with a metal bar.

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