Our mission


Short-term rentals throughout Ticino and Real ESTATE

Feel Ticino Feel Home, in cooperation with its partner EDIL COMPLIANCE SAGL, is committed not only to enhancing the value of property objects on the real estate market, but also has a clear mission in the real estate sector through the real estate concept. In cooperation with EDIL COMPLIANCE SAGL, we are actively engaged in the sale and rental of real estate, providing comprehensive and professional service.

Our tailor-made formula not only gives housing units a specific identity, but also makes them immediately accessible to the ever-growing tourist rental market. This strategic approach not only opens the door to short-term leases, but also provides the flexibility to consider long-term lease options or even sale, accelerated by our effective market presence. Our experience and collaboration with EDIL COMPLIANCE SAGL enable us to offer integrated and success-oriented real estate solutions, ensuring comprehensive and efficient property management to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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